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It’s all about good and reliable Internet TV

We started as end user like you back in 2012, then we became reseller for somebody else on 2013, then escalated to administrator still for same provider on 2014. Right on last months of 2014, we decided to move on, and started our own services. By 2015, we were already up, and running, and getting many local customers that were very atracted by our good content, and very low prices. All that work done for somebody else, and then all this time managing our own up to today, has given us such great experience and knowledge on what we do. From Internet TV devices to the services themselves we are experts.

We can assure you and anyone that want to try our services, that we are able to provide you with an excellent knowledgeable customer service, and streaming content. We are your #1 Internet TV providers from the Bay Area, and provide many local people, all West Coast, and East Coast as well, and Mexico. Y claro que tambien hablamos Español si señor!!